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The transmission is one of the most vital parts in your vehicle, there are 3 types of transmissions- manual, automatic, and CVT. Although they all work in slightly different ways, they have basically the same job: to get the power from the engine to the wheels so the car can move. It takes the extremely high rotational power produced by the engine (anywhere from 600-7000 RPMs) and turns it into power that is usable to the wheels which move at a much slower rate (anywhere from 1-1800 RPMs). The transmission keeps you engine's RPMs and your wheel's RPMs at optimum rates using gear ratios. 

While a manual transmission requires the driver to manually change the gear ratios, an automatic transmission does it on its own using fluid pressure. Transmission fluid in your automatic vehicle regulates the pressure that activates the bands and clutches that determine what gear the car should be in. This fluid is important to the overall health and performance of your automatic transmission and should be flushed at regular intervals. At K-Motion we use BG products in order to keep transmissions running for miles to come.

Signs of a Transmission Problem:

  • Shifting Delays
  • Slipping, grinding, or jumping during acceleration when the car is shifting gears
  • Shaking
  • Burning smell coming from under the hood
  • Clunking, screeching, humming or whistling sound
  • Transmission fluid is thick, smells bad, or is a very dark color
  • Manual transmission shifter is difficult to move or won't go into gear
  • Noisy when in neutral
  • Check engine light is on

Did You Know?

The first automatic transmission system was introduced in 1939 by GM. This system was called Hydra-Matic Drive and it was first installed in a 1940 Oldsmobile.

What Should I Do?

If you notice any of the above problems, bring your vehicle into K-Motion in Englewood, Colorado where our expert ASE certified technicians will inspect your transmission and fluid to insure that everything is working as it should. Locating a transmission problem early can save you from a financial headache later on. If your transmission is going out we can rebuild it or possibly find a used one with low miles. We have been expertly serving Englewood, Denver, Littleton, and Sheridan for 25 years so you can be sure at K-Motion we have your car's transmission covered. 

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