A car's suspension is what is responsible for how smooth the ride is. The system is made up of multiple parts that keep the wheels in contact with the road, allowing it to ride and handle well. All of the components need to be in good condition in order for the vehicle to handle correctly: springs, shocks, struts, control arms, bushings, and steering linkage are all vital to your car's handling performance. 

The suspension system not only plays a huge role in how your car feels on the road, it also affects tire wear and how well your car is able to steer in case of an emergency. Every time you accidentally smack into a curb and roll over a pot hole, your car's suspension and steering takes a hit. The parts begin to wear out and literally start ripping off of your car. Its a good idea to get your steering and suspension inspected frequently to fix minor problems before more major problems happen.

Signs of Suspension Issues:

  • Pulling to one side or the other
  • Uneven or excessive wear
  • Feeling every small bump or imperfection in the road
  • One corner of your car sits low
  • Diving, rolling, or leaning of the vehicle
  • Difficulty steering
  • Dips or nosedives when stopping
  • Drifting or pulling during turns
  • Car rides roughly

Your car's steering system is what enables the vehicle to drive in the desired direction. There are 2 kinds of steering systems: a rack-and-pinion and a integral/conventional also known as a 'recirculating ball'. Most cars on the road today have rack-and-pinion systems. A rack-and-pinion system works when the steering shaft turns a gear which moves the 'rack' side to side, thereby turning the car's wheels. A conventional/integral steering system is designed a little differently, the steering wheel shaft connects to a gear assembly and a series of links/arms that turns the wheels. this type of steering system is often used on trucks. 

Signs of Steering Issues:

  • Unusual noise when turning the steering wheel
  • A shake or shimmy in the steering wheel
  • Heavy or unresponsive steering at low speeds or while parking
  • the steering wheel does not return to its center position

Did You Know?

Power steering is actually more like 'power assisted steering'.It allows the operator to steer manually when the engine is not running or if there is some kind of system failure. More than 90% of vehicle's currently being manufactured have power steering because the demand for this feature is so high.

What Should I Do?

If you notice any of the above problems, bring your vehicle into K-Motion in Englewood, Colorado where our expert technicians will inspect your suspension and steering to assure that all of the components are intact. Locating a suspension or steering or problem early can save you from a financial headache later on. Many of the parts for these systems work together, so it is vital for them all to be in the same condition or you could damage good parts with worn out ones. We have been expertly serving Englewood, Denver, Littleton, and Sheridan for 25 years so you can be sure at K-Motion we have your cars steering and suspension covered. 

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