K-Motion is tops with me. Greg, Stuart and Jim couldn't be nicer or more helpful in deciding what to do and when to do it for my Volvo which was a pre-used vehicle. I came to them because Stuart had taken such good care of my previous car for many years. Courteous, clean and speedy, too.

5 K-Motion Auto Service 7/24/2014

One of the best automotive service shops I have ever used. Jim takes the time to explain what my car needs and the work he recommends. K-Motion provides high quality work at reasonable prices. I couldn't be happier with the work they have done. I will certainly be taking my Passat back to them, and probably will be bringing my Ferrari 308 to them as well.

5 K-Motion Auto Service 7/3/2014

So thankful I found K-Motion. They are professional, on time, knowledgeable. Have used for two years now for tire changes, oil changes,and major repairs on my cars and motorhome and always satisfied. My stress at dealing with auto repairs is gone now that I use them. I highly recommend them. Thank you, K-Motion!

5 K-Motion Auto Service 6/12/2014

My 78 Volvo thinks it's anew car thanks to K-Motion and Stuart. But, it's not only classic Volvos they understand -- it's anything on wheels -- the repairs are done right the first time and the price is reasonable. Plus, the whole staff is friendly and answers questions clearly. Whether you need routine maintenance or something major -- K-Motion is THE PLACE! You can't go wrong!

5 K-Motion Auto Service 4/2/2014

This was my first time using K-Motion. they were recommended to my by a friend of mine who said they were great. Took my jeep into k-motion for an alignment . $89.99 out the door after the alignment, print out reading, and centered the steering wheel. They did a great job - the tech came out and explained everything to me that was wrong and what he fixed. You could tell that he is very good at communicating with customers. Skip sears and go here - sears will try to sell you 6 month and 12 month warranties on their alignments and you can spend $120-$150! I also sat in the lobby while my jeep was getting worked on. The shop lobby is small so you can hear every word the service advisors (ken and Greg) said. During the 1.5 hours I sat there, not once did I ever hear them push a service or a product on anyone that they didn't need. You can sit in a Grease Monkey or sears for 2 minutes and hear all of that you can stomach. I was really impressed at the honesty they offered to everyone. One of the guys, Ken, sat with a lady who brought her truck in for an oil change (probably a $30 service) for at least 25-30 minutes talking with her about her vehicle an answering questions she had. Not once did he ever shove an invoice infront of her and ask for her credit card. When she was done talking she was the one that finally said, "ok, guess I'll pay you now!" They were busy to, it wasn't like their weren't phone ringing or people not coming in. He clearly had things to do. Then Greg surprised me when this little old lady came straggling in the shop with an air tank she wanted filled - and she wanted it filled for free obviously. Right after she walked in, paying customers walked in right behind her, but he didn't hesitate one bit. He kindly told the paying customers, "hang on just a second while I help this lady get some air and I will be right back." I would put money that 9 times out of 10, most shops would have made that little old lady feel like a criminal, but these guys didn't. These guys are a dying breed. I will definitely be back. Go here if you like honesty, integrity, and what seems to be very reasonable prices.

5 K-Motion Auto Service 9/20/2013

The guys are K-Motion Auto service are wonderful. I have an older car and after calling multiple dealers and mechanics, who were quoting me exorbitant prices just to look at it, they said that they could look at it for free. After spending some time with my VW, they were honest and upfront about what needed to be done. We concluded what would be best for me and I walked away with no work being done. Yet since I will be looking for a new car, they said they would look at any car I'm thinking of buying to prevent what just happened from happening again. I will be taking any new car of mine back for repairs at K-Motion and Auto Service. After having so many bad experiences with auto mechanics and dealers all over the state, it was really refreshing to have an honest mechanic look at my vehicle!

5 K-Motion Auto Service 1/22/2013
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