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Timing Belts in Denver

The timing belt is the part of your vehicle's internal engine that choreographs the exact timing of the combustion process. The pistons in the engine travel up and down in the cylinder, the intake valves open at the precise time to let air and fuel in and they close at the correct time to allow the fuel to burn. Then the exhaust valves open to let out the exhaust. All of this is made possible by the timing belt, which goes through these processes thousands of times.

Timing Belt

Following your vehicle's specific mileage maintenance interval for the timing belt is extremely important. If the timing is off even a little bit, the engine won't run at all...and that is best case scenario. A broken timing belt could essentially destroy your entire engine if it snaps while you are driving. Without the timing belt the other engine components don't know the correct time to operate. A valve could open at the wrong time and collide with the engine, which can result in damaged valves and even worse.. damage to the cylinder head. Repairing this could cost you thousands of dollars, that is exactly the reason keeping up on your car's maintenance is so vital!

Signs of a Failing Timing Belt:

  • ticking noise coming from the engine
  • engine won't turn over
  • engine misfires
  • oil leaking in the front of the motor
  • high pitched shrieking or whirring noise

Timing belts are made of rubber, so they are bound to wear out eventually. The last thing you want is for your timing belt to snap or slip while you are driving. So, if your vehicle has more than 60,000 miles on it you are probably due for a new timing belt. Bring your car into K-Motion and we can take a look!

Timing Belt 2


Timing Belt
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