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Suspension in Englewood

Your car's suspension system:

The suspension system is made up of many parts. The whole point of this system is to provide the driver with a smooth and even ride while allowing for optimum handling and control of the vehicle. Without suspension, the wheels would have a hard time keeping contact with these bumpy Colorado roads. All of the parts of the system need to be up to par to keep the suspension system operating correctly. The springs hold the weight of your vehicle and maintain the ride height, while the shock absorbers minimize the bounce that the spring produces to keep the car firmly planted on the road. Your car may have struts instead of shocks and springs, a strut is a unit made up of a shock absorber and a coil spring assembly that links the suspension to the chassis and allows the front wheels to turn side to side. The control arms join the wheel hub to the vehicle frame which allows for a full range of motion while maintaining proper suspension alignment. A bushing provides and isolated and cushioned link between the control arms and the chassis.

So how does the average Englewood driver know if their vehicle has a suspension issue?

If your car has a rough ride, play in the steering wheel, or excessive/uneven tire wear, you might have a suspension problem. Regular service maintenance on your vehicle's suspension plays a huge role in its handling characteristics, how it feels while driving on the road and how it steers during an emergency situation. Suspension maintenance also improves tire wear. A vehicle with worn shocks or struts can cause the tires to wear out quicker. Unfortunately, tire pressure and vehicle ride height are two of the most neglected suspension related items. A lack of maintenance on these items contributes to improper wheel alignment and unnecessary wearing of chassis parts. When the ride height of a vehicle drops below the manufacturer's specifications, the entire suspension system suffers which reduces the vehicle's braking, acceleration, and steering capabilities. Come on down to Englewood to have the friendly techs at K-Motion take a look at your vehicle's suspension! If there's an issue we can fix it and give you the peace of mind that your daily Denver drive will always be smooth. 

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