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4 Stroke Engine

How a 4 stroke engine works: A four stroke engine has 4 processes it must go through in order for the vehicle to run: Intake Combustion Power Exhaust It also requires 4 crucial elements to run: Air Fuel Compression Spark Step 1: Intake Stroke Air and fuel enter the engine through the intake valve between the carburetor and the combustion chamber. Pressure forces the air and fuel into the cylinder as the piston moves downward ... read more

Timing Belts in Denver

The timing belt is the part of your vehicle's internal engine that choreographs the exact timing of the combustion process. The pistons in the engine travel up and down in the cylinder, the intake valves open at the precise time to let air and fuel in and they close at the correct time to allow the fuel to burn. Then the exhaust valves open to let out the exhaust. All of this is made possible by the timing belt, which goes through these processes thousands of times. Following your ... read more

Transmission Flush

Transmission Service and Repair in Englewood What is a transmission? The transmission is a vital component of every vehicle on the road today. Its function is to ensure that the correct amount of power goes to the wheels to drive at a given speed. It works by shifting gears- kind of like what you see on a multi-speed bicycle. Fluid runs through your transmission in order to lubricate all the moving parts, it also acts as a coolant and a viscous fluid that relay power from the ... read more

Cabin Air Filters: Breathing Well in Englewood

A cabin air filter is kind of like the furnace filter inside of your Englewood home; it is designed to filter harmful pollutants such as pollen, smoke, dust, mold, and pollution from entering the interior of the car as you drive around Colorado. Here in Englewood, the climate is very dry and dusty, and on top of that thousands of people are moving to Colorado every year creating more pollution within our cities. Your car's cabin air filter helps to maintain the heating, air conditioning, and ... read more

The Life of Your Car's Battery

Chances are, at one point or another you have gone out to your vehicle and only to realize that it won't start. Most car batteries can last anywhere between 3 and 5 years. However, the life of your battery can depend o multiple factors including weather conditions and how you treat your car. The most important factor in determining the length of your battery's life is definitely the temperature of where you live and store you vehicle, whether that's in Englewood, Denver, or some ... read more

Summer is Near! Englewood A/C System Service

How Your A/C works: You probably haven't thought about your car's air conditioner all winter long, but as summer is right around the corner now is the time to make sure everything is working the way it should be. Air and moisture can sneak their way into the A/C system, decreasing the efficiency and causing damage and corrosion to the system. It is a good idea for Englewood drivers to flush all the fluids out of the A/C system and replace the refrigerant to get the system back ... read more

April is National Car Care Month!

Why should Denver drivers be Car Care Aware? Your vehicle is a huge investment that, if cared for properly, will deliver the performance you need and expect. Keeping up on your car's maintenance offers the greatest return on investment by providing safety and dependability for you and your family. Proper maintenance also helps you avoid more costly repair down the road!  As winter comes to an end, it is time to start preparing your vehicle for spring driving. Spring driving can b ... read more

Suspension in Englewood

Your car's suspension system: The suspension system is made up of many parts. The whole point of this system is to provide the driver with a smooth and even ride while allowing for optimum handling and control of the vehicle. Without suspension, the wheels would have a hard time keeping contact with these bumpy Colorado roads. All of the parts of the system need to be up to par to keep the suspension system operating correctly. The springs hold the weight of your vehicle and maint ... read more

Do I Need New Brakes?

Can you feel your car vibrating when your foot is on the brake pedal? Does your wheel shake while you are coming to a stop? If so, your brakes most likely need to be replaced. When the brakes are repeatedly slammed on in Denver traffic, or when you are stuck riding your brakes all the way down the mountain on I-70 coming home after a weekend of skiing, the brakes are being warped. Factory brakes are not well-designed for use in extreme Colorado circumstances. The manufacturer doesn't expect ... read more

Regular vs. Severe Maintenance Service Intervals for Denver drivers

Recently a new customer came in to K-Motion with the complaint that her car was not running well. She was upset because her vehicle only had 40,000 miles on it, why was it running so poorly? As it turns out, she hadn't followed proper maintenance service intervals and her car was in bad shape because of it (see picture above). Many drivers are unaware of correct service interval protocols, especially the fact that manufacturers give two service schedules for every vehicle- a regular and ... read more

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