We choose to use BG at K-Motion Auto Service because they provide exceptional products while also keeping environmental impact in mind. Our staff attends BG training and our Englewood shop has all the BG machines to keep your car running at a mile high. 


Battery Service

  • Inspects battery, terminals and cables
  • Cleans battery posts and terminals
  • Installs anti-corrosion BG Battery Terminal Protectors
  • Seals battery posts, terminals and case

Brake Service

  • Prevents corrosions
  • Removes contaminated brake fluid
  • Prevents oxidation and damage to components
  • Maximizes brake performance

Climate Control Service

  • Restores heating and cooling efficiency
  • Eliminates odors
  • Installs a specially formulated cleaner into the evaporator core
  • Cleans out bacteria, mold, and spores
  • Restores cooling process

Cooling System Service

  • Removes scale and corrosion
  • Protects heater core and water pump
  • Dissolves and removes accumulated deposits of rust, scale, and sludge
  • Removes old fluid and deposits
  • Installs new coolant
  • Installs special conditioners to protect the metal surfaces inside of the radiator and extend the life of the water pump, heater core and hoses

Diesel Injection Service

  • Cleans injectors and entire fuel system, including high pressure common rail
  • Reduces emissions, restores fuel efficiency
  • Improves throttle response
  • Restores power and performances

Drive Line Service

  • Uses specialized equipment to remove old, contaminated lubricant and debris
  • Installs a specially-formulated high quality gear lubricant
  • Extends operational life
  • Keeps critical components clean under extreme temperature and road conditions

Fuel/Air Induction Service

  • Cleans fuel injectors, throttle body, plenum and air intake
  • Removes carbon from valves, ports and pistons
  • Removes deposits clogging the catalytic converter
  • Restores power and fuel efficiency

Headlight Restoration

  • Protective sealant with both anti-UV ray and anti-yellowing agents
  • Special sealing components that help the new UV layer cure in minutes

Power Steering Service

  • Quiets and smoothes steering
  • Protects expensive components
  • Dissolves and suspends varnish, deposits and debris from seals and parts
  • Removes old fluid and debris
  • Installs new power steering fluid specially formulated to reduce heat and friction while protecting vital system parts

Transmission Service

  • Removes oil fluid and harmful deposits
  • Installs new transmission fluid and conditioners
  • For automatic transmissions, CVTs, DCTs, and DSGs
  • Smoothes shifting and extends life of transmission


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