Englewood Vehicle Inspections

Digital Safety Inspections

At K-Motion, our team believes your safety is our number one priority.  That’s why we perform a complimentary digital 26-point safety inspection every time you bring your vehicle in for service.  This special attention to your vehicle can alert you of issues before they become problematic, resulting in cost savings for you.  Wouldn’t it be best to know that your belts and hoses are showing signs or wear BEFORE something gives and leaves you stranded?  Or worse, damages your engine causing costly repairs that could have been avoided, if only you had known.  Perhaps your tires will need replacement within the next few months – we will bring this to your attention so you are able to budget for that instead of having a big surprise on your way out of town.  Inspections are a vital tool for preventative maintenance, and the team at K-Motion provides them free of charge with every appointment.


Pre-Purchase Inspections

Our team at K-Motion is happy to help you when making the big decision of purchasing a vehicle.  We will do a thorough, top to bottom inspection of the vehicle before you commit to buying it.  The pre-purchase inspection consists of an comprehensive safety inspection PLUS an extensive visual inspection of body and undercarriage for signs of previous damage, accidents, corrosion, or neglect.  We will also list issues that may need attention in the near future for help making an educated decision on purchasing a quality used vehicle.

Used vehicles that are for sale are required to have a new emissions inspection, even if the current inspection report still has time on it. It is the seller's responsibility to obtain the inspection. For more information regarding this Colorado rule click here AirCareColorado.com


Air Care Colorado | Emissions Inspections – Englewood, Denver, Littleton, SheridanEmissions Inspections – Englewood, Denver, Littleton, Sheridan

In Colorado, auto emissions inspections are conducted only at State Emissions Testing Sites.  Auto repair facilities are not authorized to conduct these inspections; however, K-Motion is a Certified Air Care Colorado Emissions Repair Facility.  This means that we inspect and repair vehicles that fail the state inspections, and return the vehicle for recertification after the required repairs have been completed.  Click to find inspection stations and RapidScreen locations near you. 


Vehicle emission testing is part of the State of Colorado’s overall strategy to improve air quality along the Front Range.